Anyone who lives in the Toronto region knows how quickly the weather can change from one season to the next. This is why homes are designed to withstand the harsh winters and scorching summers of the city. Your contractor and architects should have designed a home that will last you decades, and the roof will be one of the most significant aspects of the house that they will have considered. The attic should be a major priority when it comes to keeping occupants safe and comfortable.

When you search for any spray foam insulation in Oshawa, Ontario, you might get many options for yourself. But, what to do after the insulation starts getting weak and loses its power? After some time, the insulation material will eventually lose its effectiveness. To extend the lifespan of your attic insulation, you need few tips that professionals recommend many times. Some of these best tips are included in this blog.

  1. Use High-Quality Material in Installation

First and foremost, while selecting a roof type, examine whether the material is designed to resist the weather conditions in your area. There are roofing materials that can withstand changes in temperature and factors such as hail, high winds, sun, and rain. Try any spray foam insulation in Oshawa, Ontario, and check that they use high-quality material.

  1. Check Attic Settling and Air Leaks

Air leaks in the attic have a detrimental impact on home insulation in Toronto, lowering the existing insulation’s energy efficiency. The “settling” of insulating material is another aspect that affects longevity. Blown-in items, for example, will settle with time, reducing their energy efficiency over several years. Finally, excessive moisture in the attic will weaken the insulation.

  1. Regulate the Temperature of Attic

Attic insulation in Toronto has a significant effect on temperature regulation. Your insulation isn’t operating well if you’re experiencing cold draughts in your home during the winter. Your insulation is not doing its job if your HVAC equipment (heating and cooling) works overtime. Another clue that your attic insulation isn’t operating properly is if your heating and cooling bills are higher than usual. Overall, this indicates that the present insulation needs repair.

  1. Regularly do the Maintenance

Maintaining a solid maintenance routine is critical to extending the life of your roof. Some commercial building owners do not have their roofs inspected regularly until they have significant damage. If you do any attic insulation in Mississauga, ON, ask them for regular inspection of your roof. Even a once-a-year inspection can help prevent damage and extend the life of your vehicle.