Spray foam insulation has quickly grown in popularity across the country. It is now being used in a variety of residential and industrial projects. It is because it is much easier to install, has better durability, and saves energy bills. Experts believe that it is superior to most conventional insulation services and recommend it to almost all.

SPRAY FOAM INSULATION KINGS is very proud to be the leading provider of spray foam insulation in Toronto. We at GTA are a team of experts with years of experience completing a wide range of insulation projects. We understand the importance of the role of an insulation contractor in the construction/restoration of a structure. As both residential and commercial construction specialists, we will keep everything in mind when insulating your property. This is the difference between your average insulation company and us.

When installing insulation anywhere in Toronto or the GTA, SPRAY FOAM INSULATION KINGS should be your number one choice. Through years of experience insulating various properties, we have developed an in-depth understanding of insulation techniques and structures. We believe that spray foam is the best option for almost any project. Whether you are looking for attic insulation or insulating your basement walls, you should consider spray foam.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is the best option for those looking for a healthy and energy-efficient alternative to insulating their homes. It is a far more environmentally friendly alternative than other insulation methods. Due to the reduction in air leakage, your heating and cooling system will no longer have to work as hard.

Spray foam insulation will also help advance the energy efficiency of your property and can low energy costs by up to 50% on average. Materials for spray foam are significantly less vulnerable to air leakage than other options used for insulation services in Toronto. It will substantially increase the indoor air quality of the place. It will allow you and your family to be more comfortable during both summer and winter climates.

Make Sure You Call The Right Contractor For The Task!

The installation of your insulation by the wrong person can compromise your entire project. It may mean failing your inspection, allowing air/moisture to leak, or covering critical electrical or plumbing works. Our contractors have experience working with every aspect of the building process. We will not make the same errors as your inexperienced contractor.

SPRAY FOAM INSULATION KINGS is proud to provide premium insulation services in the GTA. We are equipped with modern tools and equipment to ensure that we do a good job every time. We believe in our skill to provide you the top-quality service for all your spray foaming requirements and warranties on our products and installations.


The basement is vulnerable to dampness and mold. Most cases of severe mold expansion begin in the basement. Fortunately, preventing such things is not at all problematic. To avoid mold and moisture, you need to improve the moisture resistance and efficiency.

And to do this, you have to hire the right insulation company for the job. Our contractors already know how basement insulation is an integral part of the overall household insulation system. Whether with blown-in, batts, spray foam methods, we will adequately insulate the basement area in no time.

Basement Floor Insulation

Insulate your basement floor using the spray foam insulation method or rigid board insulation. It is recommended to use spray foam insulation to protect yourself from radon exposure as well. Another benefit of spraying your basement floor is that you can also spray six inches on your foundation wall before placing your basement slab.

Insulating your basement will heat your entire house. Basement insulation will also reduce the humidity in your basement. The roof of your basement does not require any insulation unless it is in contact with the outside. Most homeowners insulate their basement ceilings with soundless batt insulation. This is to prevent the transmission of noise between floors.

When it comes to insulating basement walls in Toronto, SPRAY FOAM INSULATION KINGS provides quality basement insulation services to customers in Canada. And under challenging climates, attic insulation and basement insulation are significant components of maintaining appropriate temperature balance.