Blown insulation is a popular residential insulation product. It works quite well in the attic and roof cavity and comes in two compositions that are cellulose and fiberglass. Its R-Value is slightly higher than the cellulose products. However, cellulose tends to settle, which affects the R-Value. Each device has benefits and drawbacks, but skilled installation ensures the best performance. Blown insulation is designed to withstand fire.

The cellulose is treated to prevent fire spread. The glass fiber in fiberglass makes it difficult to ignite. A fire-resistant feature is desirable in an attic. So blown-in insulation near me is also recommended to “top up” existing attic insulation, provided the existing material is clean, dry, and uncontaminated. This method is cost-effective when improving attic insulation.

Energy efficiency is excellent.

Where blown insulation is used, it delivers adequate energy efficiency. Many of the attic’s gaps and fissures have been covered by the insulation.

Quick and easy to set up

Comparatively speaking, compared to other ways, installing blown insulation is a snap! The warm blanket that is blown throughout will provide adequate R-Value with a good installation. 

Every season calls for energy conservation.

The investment in a well-insulated attic is certainly worth it. If done correctly, leaks in the heating and cooling system can be stopped, resulting in lower annual energy expenses. 

Using repurposed materials

The recycled newsprint used in cellulose blown insulation is shredded and used in this product. Almost all of the glass fibers in the fiberglass product are recycled. Among some, this may be a crucial characteristic to have.

Diffusers of sound and noise

Blowing insulation can keep noise from bouncing about the house if it is installed correctly. People who work or enjoy in the attic or surrounding regions may find this helpful.

Overall long-term advantages

Using blown insulation in a typical residential installation can increase heating and cooling cycles as well as HVAC performance. While blowing insulation is a quick and easy way to achieve adequate insulation at a low cost, the installation of these goods requires a high level of technical ability. To put it another way, a professional approach is strongly encouraged to obtain the maximum performance and longevity out of the gadget.

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