Over the past few years, blown-in insulation for attics has gained popularity at the expense of wrapped batting insulation, and for a good reason. Rolls of insulation can’t fill the spaces between existing wall studs and ceiling joists, but blown-in insulation can. Additionally, as blown-in insulation sets, it fills up cracks and openings that cold air uses to escape.

It is a better option since it comes in smaller pieces. The worker sprays insulation chunks into your attic while holding big openings. That air carries it into the deepest gaps, fissures, and corners.

Fiberglass and cellulose are both equally effective insulators with different benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, you will learn why blown-in insulation is preferable over rolls for garage insulation installation in Georgina, ON.

Is It Possible To Over-Insulate Your Garage or Attic?

Yes, it is certainly true. If you over-insulate your house, moisture will be trapped by the excessive seal. It requires enough ventilation in addition to an attic with a high R-value and heavy insulation. Warm air rises, which causes moisture to accumulate, which can cause mildew and mold to grow and lower your home’s indoor air quality.

To be clear, finding mold doesn’t necessarily mean that your attic is over-insulated. Various factors can bring on mold, and if your house is typical of most houses, your attic is probably inadequately insulated. So, you should consider protecting your garage area to avoid all these mold and mildew.

What Is The Lifespan Of Blown-In Insulation?

Insulation made of fiberglass that is blown in can last up to decades. Blown-in insulations made of cellulose gives some fire protection, is environmentally friendly, and blocks air more effectively than other types of insulation. If appropriately installed using top-quality material, your insulation can last up to more than four decades.

Is It Safe To Use Blown In Insulations?

Unlike new construction, blown-in insulation is simpler to install in existing homes. Once it has been expertly placed, fiberglass blown-in insulation is secure. Additionally, blown in cellulose insulation is also safer. All construction codes comply with this chemically treated recycled paper insulation’s permanent fire resistance. So, insulating your home with blown-in insulation is entirely secure.

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