As movies and TV serials become more popular than ever before, more and more homeowners are dedicating an entire room for their home theatre equipment. This room could be the basement or the attic. With insulation material like spray foam, these rooms can now be converted to liveable spaces that are comfortable throughout the year.

Until a few years ago, people did not want to spend any money on their basement or attic and used them as storage spaces full of cardboard boxes and old forgotten things. This was a waste of valuable space and caused another problem because they were not insulated, heating and cooling would escape through them. People would leave the air conditioning running for the full day and find the house was still not adequately cooled. Similarly, in winter, they would find the house was not warm enough.

Another problem that arose was that the room above the basement would have uncomfortable cold floors in winter. After searching online for basement insulation near me and asking some advice from experts, they learned it was necessary to have the basement and attic insulated to save energy consumption in maintaining a suitable temperature in the house.

Once these rooms get insulated, it would be foolish to keep them as storage areas. Homeowners started to be more innovative with their basements and use them for other purposes. After completion of their Ajax basement insulation project, the owner turned his basement into a guest bedroom. With brightly painted walls, lots of light fixtures, and some vibrant paintings, the room looks very habitable.

All you need to know about spray foam for the basement

Spray foam expands up to 100 times its size, and it is the best insulation material. It gets filled in all available space and gaps to keep the area airtight. No air can escape the room, leaving it cooled or heated for hours and hours. This also makes the area it has been sprayed soundproof.

Being in the basement, most people expect it to be dingy and smelly. Spray foam does not absorb moisture and stops damp patches from spreading. It ensures there is no mold growth, leaving the area odorless. One of the reasons, the supervisor on the Ajax basement insulation project chose spray foam was its fireproofing or fire-retardant qualities.

Spray foam has an average life span of about eighty years. This can be taken into consideration when checking the budget for insulation of the basement because spray foam is one of the most expensive options. The benefits have been discussed, and you will be turning unused space in your house to a well-insulated room with many possibilities. Some of the other basement insulation projects have used this underground space for a bar, study room, home theatre, music room, and more.

If you have ceiling insulation installed in the basement too, this will solve the problem of the room above having cold floors in winter.

Spray foam is a long-term insulation plan and an expensive one. Before you hire someone after searching for basement insulation near me online, certain things can go very wrong with amateurs. The most common example is a fishy smell that emits from the foam continuously if professionals do not mix it before spraying. So, shortlist at least three vendors and compare their experience, prices, and testimonials before making a final decision. If nothing in your house is insulated yet, start with the basement or the attic to ensure everything is as you visualized it.